Receiving Voicemail Messages


Each user is given a voicemail box, allowing callers to leave a voice message if the user is unavailable (or if configured as such by an Administrator). All messages are sent to the email address on file for the user and are also available by calling into the voicemail system using their PIN code, unless deleted after listening to the voicemail.

Setup & Editing Of Voicemail


A default voicemail has been configured at the time of setup and the User will receive a PIN to access. If a PIN was not provided, please contact support.


The voicemail PIN allows the user to access the voicemail box by calling into the voicemail. When the caller dials into their phone number and hears the recording, the user can hit the * button on the phone keypad to bypass the recording and reach the voicemail access menu. 


  • Option 1 of the voicemail menu will allow the user to listen to new messages
  • Option 2 of the voicemail menu will allow the user to listen to saved messages. 


NOTE: Once you listen to the message, you can save the recording by pressing 1 or delete the recording by pressing 7. If you do not select anything, the message is saved by default. At the end of this menu, you will return to the main voicemail menu.


NOTE: Once you record a new greeting, option 1 will allow the user to listen to the current greeting, option 2 will record a new greeting, option 3 will allow you to re-record over the current greeting.


A voicemail user has enough space to store approximately 50 voicemails, but this is dependent on the length of the stored messages.