Outside of transferring calls between supervisors and agents, it is possible to setup an internal queue for each agent to call other agents. However, this requires additional resources which are not at the administrative level and a ticket must be raised with Leap for such service. NOTE: this is not direct dialing for someone outside of the contact center to reach a specific agent.

Create personal queue

In order for agent to agent calls, follow the below steps:

  1. Create a new personal queue for each agent
    • This is a normal queue that has one agent with skill assigned to it
    • Set the priority of queue higher than a normal queue
  2. Send Leap the list of personal queue names to help@leap.tel
  3. Customer care will assign and configure each queue with a short number (for internal dialing)
  4. Upon completion, Leap will pass back the short numbers per queue
  5. It is suggested you make an internal phonebook or transfer list so that each agent knows other agent's short number