User overview

The Realtime View gives insight into current and detailed information of your users or agents.

Agent Status Monitoring

While on the Realtime View page you can select a Campaign to see the active users on that campaign. After selecting a campaign you will see the User Overview list on the bottom half of the screen. You will see all active users and the activities they are currently on and whether these are within the established standard(s).

The variables used in the User Overview are:


The user's full name.


Warning indicating the user's activity has gone over the set time threshold.


The current activity the user is on.


Duration of the user's current activity.


The user's current status, for example; "Waiting" or "On-Call".


The channels the current activity gives access to like "Inbound" or "E-mail".


The average talk time or call duration for this user.


The average handling time or call duration including after-call work for this user.


The extension of the desk phone or softphone the user is logged on to.

The User Overview also makes use of a number of icons:

  • Clicking the checkbox icon leads you into the quality form for reviewing the current call of the agent

  • Click on the headset icon to listen in on a user. You can do this by clicking the button and entering your phone number or extension.

  • Click on the clock icon to generate an overview of all activities used by the user over a specific time period.

  • Clicking on the chat icon gives you a chatbox/chat session with the specific agent.

  • A warning indicates the user's activity has gone over the set time limit. Time limits can be edited in the Activities menu.

  • The location icon shows the user's login location (office/work from home).