The Agent Desktop is a configurable application that provides access for agents to various interactions depending upon configuration.  Those interactions can include:

  • Agent desktop

  • Softphone

  • Messaging

  • Tasks

  • Customer overview

  • Knowledge base

  • Standard processes

  • Smart logging

  • External web applications

Status agent

In the Status agent section in the Connect Interactions Agent Desktop, you see who's logged in, on which campaign, telephone extension, and the current telephony status.

Current interaction

Your current interaction, usually a telephone call, as well as the queue where the current call originated from.
With the buttons "Hold" and "Hangup" you can either put the call on hold or end.
The "Record" button allows you to start a recording of the call.


In the activity section you can find your current activity, but also select your next activity from a dropdown.
If you want to start dialing you will need to assign a phone first (see below). The most commonly used activities are:



Take calls

ready to receive calls from a queue


when being coached or having some on the job training


having a short break or lunch break


when doing after call work


In the Queues section, you can see the current number of waiting persons per queue. You only see the queues where you have established skilled.

Transfer buttons

The transfer buttons menu is used for transferring to other queues or departments, You can choose a transfer option and with Warm or Blind how you want to transfer (meaning with or without consultation). During the transfer you have 3 options:




discard the transfer, back to the caller


toggle between caller and transfer destination


transfer the current caller

The Options menu

In the top-right corner, you will find the Options menu by clicking on the down caret. In this menu, you will see options such as:  



Reset UI 

used to reset all your current selections; a fresh start

Choose Language

make a choice from the various languages


log out from the VANAD Aloha  Agent Desktop

Login or Logout telephony 

To be able to accept phone calls or make phone calls you need to be logged in on a telephony level. Whenever you switch to an activity that requires telephony and you have no telephony logged in, you are asked to log in to your telephony.
In the telephony login screen add your extension and click "OK".  You are now available for telephony.

In case your connection disappears or you choose to Logout, your Activity will be automatically set to non-active call activity.