This article looks at how to setup Email and Chat Templates (i.e. canned responses) and assign them to the appropriate Queue. To get into the details of each module, please click the link to dive deeper into that module. The provided bullet points within each step are specifics to configure.

  1. Create a new Template (link to Email article & link to Chat article) and Save
    • Make sure to define for Email or Webchat, as well as name correctly for Template name
  2. Assign Template to a Template Group or create a new Template Group (link to Email article & link to Chat article) and Save
    • Select Template Group (do not click Edit button) to open "Template Groups - Template Management" window and assign Template to Template Group by clicking + button
  3. Assign Template Group to Queue and Save
    • Setup new Queue (link to article) or click Edit button of appropriate Queue
    • For Email, go to the E-Mail Tab and select the Template Group within Template Group option

  • For Chat, go to the Chat Tab: Select the appropriate channel within Consumer Chats option; Select the desired Template Group available within Canned Responses

4. New configuration is complete. To test, login as an Agent to view Queues and Messaging Tab.