This article looks at how to setup Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM within a Messaging Tab in the Agent Desktop. NOTE: you must have the ID for appropriate Facebook and Twitter accounts to continue.


To find the Facebook ID for the Business page, follow below:

  1. In URL browser, enter:[facebook page name]
  2. Once on Facebook page, select About within the left hand column
  3. Scroll down and under More Info, there is section for Page ID

To find the Twitter ID for the account, follow below:

  1. Login the Twitter account
  2. In left hand column, select More and click Settings and Privacy
  3. In Settings, go to Account and select Your Twitter data
  4. Select Account and enter password
  5. Under Username, there will be User ID


Creating a New Chatbox


The first action is to setup a chatbox for each of the different messaging apps that are to be connected. NOTE: there is additional processes after setup and messaging should be live within 2 business days. 


To create a new Chatbox, first select the Chat Boxes menu option within the WebChat module. In the “Chat Management” window, click the + Add Chat button and a new window will appear. Here you can configuration the following items:


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  • Chatbox Name: Assign a name
  • Shortname: Assign a short name
  • Channel Provider: Select between WhatsApp, Webchat, Facebook or Twitter
  • Channel_id: If you selected Facebook or Twitter within Channel Provider, you will need to provide ID (as stated above)
  • Tenant: Select the appropriate customer
  • Active: Make sure checkbox is checked
  • Click Save button



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After saving, click the Edit button on the newly created Chatbox. Go and click the Authorize button. It will open another window to authorize that application with a third-party application. Click to authorize app


Process Of Setup


  1. Edit a Campaign. Otherwise setup a new Campaign (link to article)and Save
    • Agent Desktop Tab: Add Messaging to right column within Application Parameters 
  2. Create a new Skill (link to article)for all messaging (suggest “Messaging”) and Save
    • Select Skill to open "Skill - Users Management" window and assign Skill to Agent by clicking + button
    • NOTE: Use the same Skill for all Messaging applications
  3. Setup a Messaging Queue (link to article)and Save
    • Routepoint Tab: Select Chat within Type and provide name within External Name
    • Call Routing Tab: Select Messaging skill
    • Chat Tab: Select the appropriate chat and canned responses (if any)
    • NOTE: Need a separate Queue for each Messaging channel
  4. New configuration is complete. To test, login as an Agent to view Facebook and/or Twitter Queues and access to Messaging Tab at top of Agent Desktop