In this chapter, you will see how to make reports based on handled GWIs within the Reports module.

GWI overview

Within the Reports module, select the GWI reports menu option. This will give you access to the “Generic Work Items overview” window. 

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Within the “GWI overview” window, you can search based on the following:

  • Date from / to: Set the time period to which your search applies
  • GWI app: Select the generic work item
  • Queue: Search for a specific queue by selecting an option from the dropdown men
  • User: Search by a specific agent

After clicking Search button, an overview of all GWIs matching the search criteria will appear below. This overview contains the following information:

  • Author: Who created the GWI
  • Agent
  • Date
  • Message: First portion of content of the GWI message

For further details, select the Graph or Envelope button within Action column. By clicking Graph button, it will start eh Quality Review on this agent. By clicking the Envelope button, it will reveal the full body text of the GWI