This section looks at the possibilities of detailed reporting base on activities that have been executed by Agents.

Events overview

Within the Reports module, select the Events menu option. This will give you access to the “Events overview” window where you can view individual Events.

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Description automatically generated

In the search panel, you can choose from a number of input fields for different search criteria:

  • Date from / to: Set time period for search
  • Campaign: Search for a specific campaign by selecting an option from the dropdown menu
  • Agent Name: Select a specific agent
  • Activity: The description of a registered activity by the agent
  • Username: The username of agent
  • Extension: Extension number of the phone on which the agent is or was logged in
  • Consolidate: Choose how you would like view the reports

After clicking Search button, an overview of all activities matching the search criteria will appear below. This overview contains the following information:

  • Campaign
  • Fullname: Agent name
  • Username: Username of the agent
  • Activity: What activity agent was in
  • Extension
  • Time start: What time that event was started by agent
  • Duration: Time length of that specific event