Here, we will describe how you can create reports based on chat history within the Reports module.

Chats overview

Within the Reports module, select the Chats menu option. This will give you access to the “Chat Management” window. Here, you can view individual chats.

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Description automatically generated

In the search panel, you can choose from a number of input fields for different search criteria:

  • Date from / to: Set time period for search
  • Conversation class: Select the channel of communication
  • Agent Name: Select a specific agent

After clicking Search button, an overview of all chats matching the search criteria will appear below. This overview contains the following information:

  • Agent Name 
  • Chatbox: Per selection
  • Consumer_name: Pulled from the chat
  • Consumer_email: Pulled from the chat
  • Date
  • Status: Whether answered or unanswered

To view the chat, select the Details button within Action column. The popup window contains the original chat conversation.