In this chapter, we will describe how you can create reports based on e-mail history within the Reports module.

E-mail Overview

Within the Reports module, select the E-mails menu option. This will give you access to the “E-mails overview” window. Here, you can see each individual e-mail that was handled.

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In the search panel, you can choose from a number of input fields for different search criteria:

  • Campaign: Here you determine the time period to which your search applies.
  • Subject: Search for a specific e-mail subject
  • Agent Name: Search for a specific agent
  • Queue: Search for a specific queue by selecting an option from the dropdown menu
  • From: Search for a specific sender
  • Status: Search for a specific status (answered, unanswered, closed, forwarded)

After clicking Search button, an overview of all e-mails matching the search criteria will appear below. This overview contains the following information:

  • From: Name of the sender
  • Subject: Subject of the e-mail. By clicking the subject, it will reveal the body text and any attachments
  • Agent Name: 
  • Queue: Name of the queue where the e-mail was received
  • Date: Date and time of the e-mail
  • Status: Whether the e-mail was marked as Important
  • Attachment: Indicates if there was an attachment

For further details, select the Details button within Action column. The popup window contains the original e-mail.