This article looks at the steps to setup an outbound telephony queue. To get into the details of each module, please click the link to dive deeper into that module. 

  1. Edit Phone Number and assign Call Routing and Queue (inbound) previously set in "How to setup inbound telephony" article.
  2. Create a new Skill for outbound calling and assign to Agent
  3. Setup an outbound Queue
    • Routepoint Tab: Change Type to Outbound
    • Call Routing Tab: Set Timetable, Routing Strategy and Skill
    • Dial Out Tab: Select the Phone Number to be used in Outgoing CallerID
  4. Edit Campaign for Agent to have access to use Softphone application. 
    1. Template Parameters Tab:
    2. Agent Desktop Tab: Optional within Application Parameters, select a specified CRM application (if created in Apps
  5. Set Activity for making calls (i.e. outbound calls) and assign to Campaign for Agent Desktop to access