This article looks at the first steps to setup an inbound telephony queue at a high-level. To get into the details of each module, please click the link to dive deeper into that module. The provided bullet points within each step are specifics to configure.

  1. Edit a Campaign. Otherwise, setup a new Campaign (link to article) and Save
    • Template Parameters Tab: Confirm setup matches following:

    • In "Campaign Management" window, select the Campaign name (do not click Edit button) and the "Campaign - Activities Management" window will appear below. From the list of Activities, click the + button for Take Calls
  2. Create a new Skill (link to article) for inbound call and Save
    • Select Skill to open "Skill - Users Management" window and assign Skill to Agent by clicking + button
  3. Setup an Inbound Queue (link to article) and Save
    • Call Routing Tab: Make sure correct Skill is chosen
    • Announcements Tab: It is recommended to have Music On Hold. Refer to Sound article for uploading file to platform
  4. Create Routing Plan (link to article), select appropriate Tenant and Save
  5. Assign Phone Number (link to article) to correct Routing Plan and Queue, and Save
  6. New configuration is complete. To test, login as an Agent to view Inbound Channel