This article looks at the first steps to setup an inbound telephony queue at a high-level. To get into the details of each module, please click the link to dive deeper into that module. 

  1. Create a new Skill for inbound call and assign to Agent
  2. Setup an Inbound Queue
    • Routepoint Tab: Change Type to Inbound
    • Call Routing Tab: Set Timetable, Routing Strategy and Skills
    • Announcements Tab: Optional to assign Music on Hold (NOTE: must upload Sound file)
  3. Edit Campaign for Agent to have access to use Softphone application
    1. Template Parameters Tab:
    2. Key Performance Indicators Tab: Select an Agent Strategy for incoming calls
      • agents_mc_lw_overflow = longest wait is answered next (default)
      • agent_virtualqueue = cherry picking strategy of answering calls
  4. Set an Activity for taking calls (or inbound calls) and assign to Campaign for Agent Desktop to access 
  5. Create Routing Plan to deliver incoming calls to a Queue
  6. Assign Phone Number to Queue