Transfer destinations are essential for a good customer contact service. Our CCaaS platform offers options for attended and blind transfers. The Agent can setup a transfer within the Agent Desktop with options for consultation, hold and direct transfer.

When you click the Transfer Dest menu option in Telephony, the “Transfer Destination Management” window will appear in the right pane. Within this window, you can edit existing Sound Categories by clicking on the Edit button file.

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Create A New Transfer Destination

To add a new Transfer Destination, you can use the + Add Transfernumber button and a new window will appear. first. 

  • Campaign: Select the appropriate Campaign
  • Phonenumber: Enter the phone number for the transfer of call
  • Description: Optional and allows you to enter a short description 
  • Timetable: Optional
  • Transfer Mode: Blind or Attended. Attended is choice for activating consultation (warm transfer)
  • Click Save button

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