There are multiple places within the CCaaS platform where Sounds can be configured. However, not all type of Sounds can be used everywhere. An example is a file containing music on hold. You won't use this file within a dial plan, only where music on hold is required. In order to do this, you would go to the Queue configuration and apply the music on hold Sound file for that queue. The best approach is to create and name a Sound Categories based on use. 

When you click the Sounds Categories menu option in Telephony, the “Sound Category Management” window will appear in the right pane. Within this window, you can edit existing Sound Categories by clicking on the Edit button file.

To add a new Sound Category, you can use the + Add Sound Category button and a new window will appear. first. 

  • Tenant: Assign to the appropriate customer
  • Description: Optional and allows you to enter a short description of the file
  • Short name: Identify this file by a short name. NOTE: make sure short but accurate description 
  • Click Save button

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