This section describes how to add and manage sound files. In order to use sound files in various functionalities of the CCaaS platform, like Dial plans, On Hold Music or Voicemail, you must upload the appropriate files for each Tenant. NOTE: You must first setup Sound Categories before adding Sounds. When you click the Sounds menu option in Telephony, the “Sound Management” window will appear in the right pane. Within this window, you can listen or revise existing sound files. NOTE: If you want to download a file, you must click the Listen button first.

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Uploading A New Sound File

To add a new Sound file, you can use the + Add Sound button and a new window will appear.

  • File: Click Choose File button (opening File Manager) and select the appropriate file 
  • Filename: Enter the name for the file
  • Tenant: Assign to the appropriate customer
  • Category: Choose the appropriate Sound Category
  • Description: Optional and allows you to enter a short description of the file.
  • Active: Specify if the file can be used or not
  • Click Save button

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