Management and Configuration Of Activities

The customer interaction process is associated with a number of Activities which are necessary to achieve successful interaction with the customer. There are a set of logical and practical Activities available for immediate use. You also have the freedom to give an interpretation to the use of these Activities by editing the selection.

Different Activities Explained

Activities are the basis for timesheets and, thus, are an important part in the invoicing of a Project. Below are common pre-set Activities with defined process.

Take calls

The Agent has made themselves available to receive and process calls


The Agent participates in a training session


The Agent gets coaching or individual support


The Agent consults a knowledge base for training purposes


The Agent is enjoying a break

Dial out

The Agent contacts a customer outside the (normal) automated process to fulfill an appointment or call a customer back


The Agent uses the include Web chat to communicate with other Team Members


After a call, the Agent uses wrap-up time to finish up the call registration


The Agent processes the voicemails left by customers on a Voicemail Queue


Management Of Activities

By selecting the Activities option in the Management, you will navigate to the “Activity Management” window. This shows an overview of all available Activities, the ability to create a new Activity and the option to edit Activities. 

Creating A New Activity

To create a new Activity, you can click the + Add Activity button and a new window will appear. The “Create Activity” window is divided into three tabs:

General Tab

  • Activity Name: Enter the name
  • Allow Customer Interactions: Choose the allowed customer interaction (channel) when an Agent chooses this Activity
  • Billing Type: Select from the dropdown menu on the type of billing associated with the Activity. There are four categories, which corelate with the timesheets in relation to billing


Activities that are not billable


Activities that fall under the training category

Billable / Effective

Activities that are billable and effective

Billable / Ineffective

Activities that are billable and ineffective

  • Next Activity Delay
  • Next Activity
  • Tenant: Choose the appropriate customer for this Activity
  • Visible: Checkmark for it to be available to the Agent

Dashboard Tab

  • Dashboard Color: You can assign a color of the Activity that will be shown on the Real-Time View dashboard
  • Warning Minutes: You have the option to add a notification to the Activity. When activated, the Activity will show with a notification in the Real-Time View whenever the set time limit is passed

Planning Tab

  • Payable:
  • In Schedule: