This article looks at the steps to setup Email at a high-level. To get into the details of each module, please click the link to dive deeper into that module.

  1. Edit a Campaign. Otherwise setup a new Campaign (link to article) and Save
    • Agent Desktop Tab: Add Email to right column within Application Parameters 
    • Email Tab: Specify whether the Agents handling the Email are allowed to cherry-pick (pick an email from a list to handle) or not. Cherry-picking might be applied when you want your agents quickly filter out emails that they can process fast).
  2. Create a new Skill (link to article) for email and Save
    • Select Skill to open "Skill - Users Management" window and assign Skill to Agent by clicking + button
  3. Setup an Email Queue (link to article) and Save (NOTE need outgoing email account details)
    • Routepoint Tab: Select E-mail
    • Email Tab: Enter the outbound email account details (i.e. replying back to an email)
  4. Create Routing Plan (link to article) to deliver incoming emails in a Queue
  5. Create new Email Client within Servers (link to article) for incoming email (NOTE need account details) and link to the corresponding Email Routing Plan 
  6. New configuration is complete. To test, login as an Agent to view Email Channel and access to Email Tab at top of Agent Desktop