Timetables can be used to open or close transfer destinations, which can be useful to prevent Agents from transferring calls to closed destination.

Manage Timetables

You will find the Timetables option in the Management Menu. The “Timetables Management” window all the timetables available.

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You can use the filter options to search for a timetable or create a new one.

Create A New Timetable

To create a new timetable, you can use the + Add button and a new window will appear. Add the following:

  • Timetable Name: Enter a name for this specific Timetable
  • Tenant: Assign a Tenant
  • Click Save button

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Edit / Change The Timetables

The Timetable overview gives you the ability to edit the Timetable. Click the icon within Action column to edit that specific Timetable. The “Edit Timetables” window will appear. The Timetable Edit screen is divided in a couple of layers.


  1. This is used to create new rules (Policy)
  2. This is the "Default" rule and is normally the main rule for this timetable. You can specify the color that will correspond to the dates within the calendar at the bottom of the page. In the example below, the "Default" rule has the color blue
  3. Select the calendar year required

To clarify the way that rules work, below is the default policy. 

  1. Name: The policy name
  2. Color: The policy color
  3. Standard Days: Click the bar associated for the day (Monday through Sunday) and that day will turn green which means that the destination is open
  4. From Date: This is the start date for this policy
  5. To Date: This is the end date for this policy
  6. Save: To save your policy
  7. Hours: Click the bar associated with the hours per day and that quarter hour will turn green which that means that the destination is open

For the "Default" policy, the schedule is open Monday through Friday from 07:00 until 12:00 and 12:30 until 17:00.

 In the next example, we have added a weekend policy.

Setting Up Special Days

Some days can also be selected as a "Free Day" which will show that day / destination is closed. Go to the calendar and click on that day in the calendar overview. The following window will appear, change from Default to Free, and click Save button.

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