The Skills module will give you access to manage the skill levels on all active Users. Under Management, select the menu option Skills. While in the “Skill Management” window you can create and edit the Skills database. 


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Creating New Skills

To create new Skills, choose +Add button. This will open a new window titled “Create Skill”.

  • Skill Name: Choose a unique Skill Name
  • Tenant: Assign to the appropriate customer
  • Extensions: When the Skill needs to connected with a certain phone extension. This gives you the ability to have certain queues answered only on certain phone extensions
  • Active: Activate or deactivate a Skill using this checkbox
  • Save progress by clicking Save button


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Viewing Skills

By using the search panel, you can look for and manage your skills. You can search by Skillname, status and Tenant. To perform a targeted search, you must enter at least one search criteria and click the Select button. The result of your search is a list of all skills available.

Assigning Skills To Users

From the list of Skills, you have the ability to assign these skills to your users. You do this by selecting a skill and you will see the “Skill – User Management” window appear. This list will show all your users with this skill assigned to that user.  You can add or remove skills by using the green Add or red Remove buttons. 

With a Skill level, you can distinguish within a group of agents with the same Skill. You can specify which group within the available users get preference in dealing with calls. You can do this by filling out a random number. The rule here is that the higher the number the higher the preference, i.e. Skill level 2 supersedes Skill level 1.

Using the search panel on the user list, you can request a selective group by using search criteria in your search. This speeds up the process of adding or removing skills for specific users. You also have the option to run an export in CSV (comma-separated values) or Excel. These choices are under the buttons with same names.