The chart below shows you how our CCaaS platform works and a brief explanation of the components. These components are further described in detail in the manual.

General Terms

TenantCustomer's account
ProjectProjects per Tenant contain Campaigns and Teams belonging to that specific Project
CampaignCampaigns belong to a Project. Multiple Campaigns can exist under one Project. Users log into a Campaign. Activities are selected on the Campaign level
QueueMultiple Queues can exist under one Campaign. Queues receive the incoming calls after routing. A Queue needs a Skill to assign users to it
RoutingUsed by a Phone Number to distribute calls to different Queues. Routing uses data from Sounds
Phone NumberPhone Numbers are used to receive calls and Routing determines which Queue receives which call. This can be a DID or Toll-Free Number
SoundsDatabase containing Sounds to be used in Routing for IVRs, voicemail queues, music-on-hold, etc
TeamA group of Users on a Project. Teams may vary per Project
UserUsers are assigned and have an account per Tenant. When the User goes to work for another Tenant, he or she receives a new account for that Tenant
ActivitiesActivities are used by Users to indicate what work they are currently doing. Activities are set separately for each Campaign
SkillSkills are assigned to Users based on their individual skill set and are linked to a Queue

Platform Hierarchy