If you're porting up to 10 numbers you can submit your LOA electronically here:


Porting more than 10 numbers?
Need to get the Teliax Port Request Form/Letter of Authorization (LOA)?


Teliax charges a $25 porting fee per block of 10 numbers.

Teliax Porting Guidelines

The process of porting your number will take a minimum of two business days. It can take up to 30 days for your request to be approved and processed. Once we receive Firm Order Commit (FOC) date from your current provider, you will be notified and your account will be charged the $25 porting fee for each block of 10 numbers, provided they are on the same account with the same carrier.

If you have additional services on your existing line (DSL, distinctive ring, etc.) they must be removed prior to submitting this LOA. Please do not place an order to cancel or change your current service until the port has completed, as disconnected numbers cannot be ported.

Please provide separate signed LOAs for toll-free and domestic numbers. Be sure to include a copy of your most recent bill from your current provider. For mobile numbers, we need the account number and last four digits of the accountholder's Social Security Number (SSN) or porting PIN.

If you are submitting your LOA electronically you are required to agree to the following terms and conditions:

By electronically signing the Teliax LOA you are giving Teliax permission to transfer service from your current provider to Teliax. You authorize Teliax to transfer your current telephone number used to provide service so that Teliax may provide network service to you. You agree that you are choosing Teliax as the NNSP (New Network Service Provider) for your local, intrastate, interstate, and international toll calls to the numbers designated in your request. You authorize Teliax to obtain billing information, customer service records, and other information required to provide you with service on the Teliax network. You may consult with Teliax as to whether a fee will apply to the change. Your existing network service provider may reject the electronically signed LOA and you may be required to submit your order with a wet signature. Receipt of an LOA is no guarantee that your number is portable to the Teliax network or that it will be ported.

E-Sign Act of 2000 Compliance

1. Storage of electronically signed documents

Teliax makes every reasonable effort to securely store, archive, and allow access to electronically signed documents. A PDF copy of an electronically signed LOA is made available immediately upon submitting the form.

1.1 Hardware and software requirements for accessing electronically signed documents

Electronically signed LOAs are stored in the Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file standard. Adobe Reader is recommended for the most true-to-form viewing of PDF files, though many alternatives are available across various hardware and software platforms.

2. Consent to electronically sign

By electronically signing your LOA, you reserve the right to withdraw consent at any time. The scope of this consent applies to the direct and associated processes of transferring the telephone numbers listed on your LOA from your old service provider to Teliax. As such, withdrawing consent after any service orders have completed has no effect on the service Teliax provides you, nor does it nullify the completed orders or delivery of your telephone service. If consent is withdrawn while Teliax is in the process of transferring your phone service, Teliax will make every reasonable effort to cancel any associated service orders while avoiding an out-of-service condition. Consent may be revoked at any time by sending an email, fax, electronic trouble ticket, or handwritten notice to Teliax using the standard contact methods provided by Teliax.

3. Accessing electronically signed documents

Electronically signed documents can be accessed via your helpdesk account (at help.teliax.com) and viewing your closed tickets, or by contacting Teliax Support.

Last updated: 2015-01-21